Public Letter to MarketCaps

To whom it may concern,

I am writing as a representative of the CHIPS project and would like to provide an update for the CHIPS coin. Currently the project is still active and is in heavy development. Our development activities can be tracked in our discord and in the github repo’s linked below.

Firstly, you may be reading this and asking yourself, what is CHIPS? Well please, read on.

CHIPS is a trust-less, peer-to-peer, secure, on chain poker application.

Other online poker facilitators use centralised servers to host the poker application itself, requiring users to trust their companies and connect to their servers. These platforms may accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, but will use their own database to track bets placed and total funds of the players.

Unlike these applications, CHIPS uses actual blockchain technology to:

– run a p2p blockchain that stores the cryptocurrency used for betting (also secured by Komodo dPoW),

– uses a p2p cryptographic function for deck shuffling and allocation (shamir secret keys), and

– uses lightning network technology to create a real time betting platform.

Below are links to both of the explorers, plus some exchanges we are now listed on.


Current exchange listings:

I would also like to add that we have multiple github repos & projects we are currently contributing to in development of the CHIPS poker application.

The CHIPS blockchain itself:


The CHIPS betting application/protocol:

I hope this provides conclusive evidence that CHIPS is still quite active, although with low liquidity due to an intensive development phase. If you would like more information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to reply to this, or find me in the CHIPS discord.



CHIPS ecosystem contributor

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