CHIPS revolutionises online gambling

The project aims to create truly decentralized, trustless, peer-to-peer, and secure blockchain casino-style games.

CHIPS is a cryptocurrency used to play poker games
powered by the Pangea Protocol.

High level Security

CHIPS is secured by Komodo’s dPOW (delayed proof-of-work) and aPOW (adaptive proof-of-work) security mechanisms. With dPOW, every hand of Pangea Poker you play is protected by Bitcoin’s hash rate. Using aPOW, CHIPS blockchain is secured against difficulty stranding.

Peer to peer transactions

Combining CHIPS with Pangea Poker dAPP allows users to interact directly in a secure, trustless form of gaming. It creates a decentralized gaming technology which revolutionizes the way players can connect autonomously for a virtual poker experience.

Powered by Bitcoin

Bitcoin technology powers CHIPS, the currency used to bet in Pangea Poker. CHIPS runs on the Lightning Network technology to enable real-time, fee-less betting.

Seamless betting

Each bet in a poker hand is a transaction. On-chain this processing time would make p2p decentralized poker too slow and expensive. Using CHIPS, bets are placed in real time through Lightning Network channels, so there is no time delay, with minimal fees. Transactions are settled on-chain after each hand.

You hold your own funds

Using CHIPS to play Pangea poker offers the first non-custodial online gaming experience. Unlike other online poker platforms, CHIPS uses actual blockchain technology to run p2p nodes. So when you play, you never have to send funds to a centralized/third party. You remain in control of your own private keys at all times.

Trustless Gambling

Decentralized, open-sourced software & technology is the backbone of the CHIPS poker application, Pangea Poker. The CHIPS currency will not only be used to play poker: it will be at the centre of multiple decentralized casino games.

Trustless Gambling


Using CHIPS Lightning Network means numerous bets (transactions) can be placed without paying a fee each time; instead the final payout is settled on-chain with a low fee once the hand is complete. It also means players can play real-time poker with no delays between placing the bet and processing it. This makes CHIPS useful for any casino-style game in which bets are placed.



Pangea Poker is a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer gaming technology

It is the result of complex mathematics & software development with cryptocurrency implementation. The purpose is to build a new form of online poker experience which is trustless, secure, and immutable. CHIPS & Pangea Poker carry Bitcoin’s principles forward into a new dimension of online gaming.


Pangea poker uses a p2p cyrptographic function for deck shuffling and allocation, plus CHIPS technology, to create a real-time betting platform that is tamper-proof.

Pangea poker is an advanced application that solves the problems of trustless poker. Coupled with Komodo’s dPOW security mechanism, you can play safe knowing each hand cannot be altered, undone, or tampered with.


Pangea uses CHIPS to play the poker games.

CHIPS enables decentralised, peer-to-peer, trustless, on-the-blockchain, casino style games. You can deposit and withdraw CHIPS to/from your game wallet. Transactions come through within a couple of minutes. You can always see your current balance in the Cashier.

Beautiful UI

Pangea Poker GUI offers easy to use and eye pleasing user experience.

True to an online poker experience that's easy on the eyes, the Pangea Poker graphics are simply stunning. You can take a seat at a table on the moon, surrounded by fellow poker enthusiasts from around the globe; or you can sit in a late-night purple poker room - with more themes to come. The buttons and tabs make it easy to use so you can enjoy playing a decentralized poker that feels like a fun online casino room.

Manual installation

for tech savvy

The official alpha version has not been released yet. For information on the project updates please follow our announcements in Discord and Twitter.

Want to contribute?

We are an open source project and we have very limited development capacity and funds. Whether you would like to contribute your time, funds or simply say hello, please join our Discord. Reach out to NutellaLicka or daria with any inquiries.

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