Pangea Poker

A Trustless, Peer-to-Peer, Secure, On-Chain, Decentralised, Poker application.

Real-time Betting

Lightning Network(LN) technology powers real-time, fee-less betting. Use blockchain technology to play Poker.

Short Wait Times

Short blocktimes, paired with the LN, decrease wait times for tables, and is the backbone of CHIPS and Pangea Poker.

Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin technology powers CHIPS, the currency used to bet in the Pangea Poker decentralised application.

Secured by dPoW

CHIPS is secured by Komodo’s delayed proof-of-work security mechanism. Every hand of Pangea Poker you play is protected by Bitcoins hash rate.

Trustless, open sourced, software and technology is the backbone of the CHIPS poker application, Pangea Poker. Coupled with Komodo's dPoW security mechanism, you can play safe knowing each hand you play cannot be altered, undone, or tampered with.

Unlike other online poker platforms, CHIPS uses actual blockchain technology to, run a p2p blockchain that stores the cryptocurrency used for betting, it uses a p2p cryptographic function for deck shuffling and allocation, and uses lightning network technology to solve the problems of trustless gambling and create a real time betting platform.

The CHIPS currency will not only be used to play poker. Find out how it will be at the centre of multiple decentralised, casino games.